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I have had the pleasure of meeting these two while still in their mother’s womb and watching them grow up this past year. So sweet and funny they are. Her with her stick out her tongue smile and him with his scrunchy nose smile (which was very quick and hard to catch).

Poor little guy with his boo-boo near his eye. but he had his little lovey for comfort.

I adore the attachment to a “lovey” as opposed to a pacifier. His was named “Charlie” and hers was named “Pinky” (My own little one doesn’t like pacifiers much and yes, being over prepared, I’ve already bought two “lovies” for her to choose from to get attached to instead of a paci.)

Aren’t these green and white outfits perfect for twins!?

Talk about needing to update the blog…….. what better way than with my own little love.

We welcomed Maya Elise – born (after 27 hours of labor…..) on March 27th, weighing in at 7 lbs 8.7 oz and 20.25 inches long.

For those who have met me know that I’m only 4 foot 11 inches -okay, 4 foot 10 1/2 inches but hey why not fudge a little – so no, I have no idea where I carried or how I pushed out that big of a baby. From behind, you’d never know I was pregnant and I never gained weight in my face, arms, etc but my belly? Oh, yes, I was all belly!

Have a great Monday!

My cat, wanting in on the photoshoot or just on the nice soft furry blanket….. 🙂

Daddy’s two favorite images. The one above and below.

One month old already in the image above from one of our morning play times.

This little guy just gets cuter and cuter!

The son of one of the owners at Belly Bliss is now 6 months old. They grow so fast the first year!

Be sure to check out BELLY BLISS!!!

I’ve been going there this entire pregnancy for yoga, massage and chiropractic work and all have been beneficial in the health and care of my growing body.

We’ve also taken many of the workshops offered including Childbirth preparation, Happiest Baby on the Block, Infant Care 101 and others. At 39 weeks this week, I’m trying acupuncture there today. Wish me luck it sets into motion some baby labor movements! 🙂

Sweet Pea Baby Planners launched their first book for franchising and starting your own Baby Planner Business.

Little plug for the adorable cuteness of my graphic designer’s baby girl whos image made the front cover!

Can’t wait to see it in print and have one for mom for her baby’s keepsakes.

BOB Stroller Voluntary Recall

Click here: BOB Stroller Recall INFORMATION

This recall involves BOB® Strollers manufactured between April 2002 and March 2010.

Voluntary Recall in regards to the drawstring. There are instructions on the site on how to remove it.

Model Serial # Ranges
Sport Utility Stroller 12362 – 35107, AA00001 – AA025490
Sport Utility Stroller D’Lux 12362 – 35107, AB000001 – AB007940
Ironman® 800000 – 803700, AC000001- AC027923
Sport Utility Duallie® 002001 – 008068, AD000001 – AD011252
Ironman® Duallie AE000001 – AE008909
Revolution AF000001 – AF189112
Revolution 12” AK000001 – AK024149
Stroller Strides® AG000001 – AG011163
Revolution Duallie AH000001 – AH072921
Revolution Duallie 12” AL000001 – AL012657
Stroller Strides® Duallie AM000001 – AM003229

Such a sweet boy! I love these family shots in black and white.

The handsome boy of this maternity snow couple.